marți, 20 decembrie 2011

Splayed jeans

I happen to fell in love a couple of moths ago with splayed pants.I just adore to match them with a ripped t-shirt and and well tailored blazer. <3

I believe that love of all kinds give to all people a sort of power and energy that transform us in a better version. Also, this "magic" creates a sort of chemistry felt not only inside but seen also on the outside. I have seen many couples, friends, lovers, relatives...who match their outfits or who complete one with each other just like two pieces of puzzle.

luni, 19 decembrie 2011


Men in suits are very attractive to me Personally, I adore when my boyfriend takes a shirt + sweater / cardigan / blazer.

George Cortina

How some wear their maxi dresses

Today I was notified that I won an orange maxi-dress from the blog. Ohhhhhh yeeee + Yupiii + <3 !!!
So, I decided to post a couple of photos of women wearing maxi-dresses in order to celebrate this wonderful day.

PS: in the last picture you'll find Teodora, one of the blog' model.



Let's face it! A girl never has too many clothes, not to tell too many shoes. These colored ones are a part of some that I'd like to own <3.

joi, 15 decembrie 2011

How do yo wear your short-ripped jeans?

Gotta say I have a few pairs of jeans in my closet, almost every type but not everycolor ( unfortunately).My favorites are the ripped ones <3!