sâmbătă, 31 martie 2012

Back in black

Hi guys. Long time, no see...
Today's post?
Due to million of reasons
1.It makes us slimmer;
2. The weather is chilly and it absorbs warmth;
3. Black is always fashionable;
4. If you have a bad day and you don't know how to dress up, pick a black outfit. It'll never be wrong...
Actually, I picked this colour because I believe it gives you strenght and attitude in front of others. I also chose it because lately I have been in a continuously search for my ball outfit but also for my festive class. First color which came in my head? Black.
So...here are some black outfits!


I'd like to begin this post by saying that this one is for my beloved friend: Dora! I haven't seen her for more than a month and due to overloaded schedules we couldn't stay in touch as much as we used to.
Dora once had a crush on owls so, considering the fact that the owls are quite fashionable now I decided to post these.
So, this one's for you, soul sister!

Technibond CZ and Black Onxy OwL

Burberry 2012

Burberry 2012

Burberry 2012

Still Burberry 2012

Burberry 2012
Asos belt 


vineri, 23 martie 2012

Back in action !!!

Hi guys!
Sorry for my absence. I had a huge problem with my laptop. It crashed the next day I finished my partial exams and I couldn't fix it here in Bucharest. I had to wait till I reached home. And I had such cutes posts for you :-<
But...after a couple of weeks I'm prepared to post new photos that hopefully'll inspire you in your activities.
So, stay tuned, cause...I'm back!