sâmbătă, 9 iunie 2012

The end

In a couple of days I'll graduate the Law University and then my final exams shall come.
But, before these it will be the event of the year: the PROM !
If I say I haven't thought too much about what I should wear I'd lie. I have made a quick research each week on internet + malls.
The result ?
Not decided yet :))
I have options as many days have left. 3 ! And I guess there'll be 4.
Meanwhile you will find in this post the stuff that inspired me in discovering some treasures that I may or not use (dresses, shoes...).
I have to say you'll find some, let's say "outrageous" stuff to wear to a prom, but I have to say I'm a bit crazy;
Enjoy them:

  Meg Wi - romanian model

 Taylor Swift


 Kim's dress




Wacko Deea CuDeea
you can watch her posts and tutorials here:

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