joi, 30 august 2012

What I've been up to...

Hi to you all!
I've been missing for a while but this is due to the fact that I tried to disconnect from everything that is related to technology.
But now I'm in Bucharest again to study and to take some exams. So this is a sign that more of my posts shall come!
Today I'm going to write and post some links and pictures that are connected with this 2 amazing and FABULOUS girls!
 Alina Tanasa
Diana Enciu
A couple of weeks ago I won a pair of wonderful earrings from Alina and Diana.

 Due to loaded schedule from both me and the girls we couldn't get in touch. But yesterday I had the chance to meet the blonde part from "Absolutely Fabulous", Alina!
I have to admit that when I saw Alina I completely forgot about my gift. She is stunning!!!

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