duminică, 11 august 2013


I Know it's been a while since my last post but ...here I am!
Lately, I've passed through a period during I didn't know what to wear @work. Having a position at a bank, should make me wear "business clothes". But, taking into consideration the fact that I'm on back office, my outfit can be mooooore relaxing. I even wore ripped jeans on Fridays (my favourite day).
So here I am with a couple of photos that inspire me into taking some decisions for this week.
Ofcourse, updated to the weather outside. Eg: the blazer can be switched with a vest / the beanie with a hat.
Stay tuned. More posts are about to come...

And yeeeeeeeees: this cutie is adorable. I;d wear something like this + a bow on my shirt

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